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Graphic Cubes

NO & LOW ALCOHOL Tiny bubbles produced from small family-owned vineyards
in the heart of the
Willamette Valley. 
Uniquely Oregonian.


tiny production. tiny bubbles

It's OK to go no-low.  No & Low alcohol, that is. 

Our Style, Grace & Joy brut bubbles clock in at 7.5% ABV.  And our All & Nothing Alcohol-removed / Non-Alcoholic Sparkling wine is less than .5% ABV.


That's living life well played.​

Bottle of "Style" Brut Rose wine and glass

get your NO & LOW ALCOHOL tiny production, tiny bubbles here!



Alcohol Removed Sparkling Wine from the Willamette Valley in a half bottle?

Yes, please! (less than .5% ABV)


Why? Because sometimes you just want an adult beverage that tastes great without the alcohol. So you can have All & Nothing at the same time.

Just 35 cases produced.

All&Nothing lbl.jpg
Megan stomping grapes
Megan Markel - proprietoress


Megan Markel

With more than 18 years of experience in the Oregon wine industry and a passion for Willamette Valley wines, in 2021, Megan embarked upon the quest for high-quality, low-alcohol bubbles. Her love for 90s rap and hip hop guides the way, with “Well Played” serving as a nod to the Notorious B.I.G. Think day-drinking in the sun with friends… without the headache.


After many years of  successfully marketing and selling other people’s wine, she’s decided to create and sell her own. Now all decisions are made by a party of one – from philosophy to wine labels to paying the bills – she’s the bosslady now. 


Perhaps her gumption comes from working in politics. She started in California and moved on to a national level (which some might say quickly led to her appreciation for and love of wine). She just might be the only Willamette Valley wine professional that has been granted a top-secret clearance in a previous life – shhh! 


It is Megan’s sincere wish that you enjoy her Well Played low-alcohol bubbles. They are made with kindness to your liver and creating everyday memories with friends in mind.

Remember… it's OK to go no-low. No & Low alcohol, that is. That's living life Well Played.

Bottle of "Grace" bubbly


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newberg, oregon

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“Climb the ladder to success escalator style”

- The Notorious B.I.G. -

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